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  Great opportunities exist when we support S.T.E.M. education in our schools. This generation of students need our help and support. Our S2S programs will prototype a number of initiatives to include uban tree canopy reforestation. You can help by supporting these initiatives as paid members and sponsors. S2S Vets will enter in our trades training programs from your supporting community tree planting and Maker Vets shops. Maker Vets woodworking will support classroom prototypes of wooden assemblies, while providing STEM students with trades worker role models. This will be valuable for elementary and middle school students, as they need to physically see how training trades workers instill community spirit. This is our proactive approach towards supporting school S.T.E.M. from grassroots community awareness.                                  

CHESTNUT STREETS USA                                                      Our prototype tree planting program will assist STEM in schools, to bring the American Chestnut back into our communities. We have unique canopy tree plantings of blight resistant American Chestnuts growing now. These will become our first community i-Tree outreach. With your support we will initiate program trades training for Combat Vets that begins transplanting these majestic canopy trees back into our neighborhoods. American Chestnut trees will support S.T.E.M. programing designs. Service Veterans in S2S trades training will mechanically transplant heavy trees from sponsored machinery muscle. This American Chestnut tree recovery plan supportes school STEM i-Tree studies by selecting appropriate neighborhood sites. Tree biology support plans will include community stewardship contracts with land owners. This community outreach plan will include annual American Chestnut harvesting towards growing out future tree collections by S.T.E.M. students. These efforts from S2S membership support a community tree regeneration program prototype. S2S supports this community quality of life renewal plan through the recovery of these stately American Chestnut trees. Bringing this tree stewardship into our neighborhoods supports a healthy ecosystem for all life. Your generous tax deductable support will help S2S assist growing S.T.E.M. in schools, Vets in trades training community mentors. Veterans membership will be suppoted directly through  this community trades training initiative.

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COOPERATIVE  PARTNERSHIPS                               Community teamwork through your membership support will sponsor Vets cooperative business success. Our S2S approach to on the job training is to support their Vets with experiences that support greater trade skill proficiency. From our community outreach and trades shops, MAKER VETS will exit having greater business success. Your sponsorship will support shop trained Veterans with community spirit. These supports will help Vets successfully engage in community trades careers and industrial manufacturing.

COOPERATIVE MARKETING                                     S2S members who have developed artisan products need marketing support. S2S will be  there for developing S2S online marketing. A Cooperative ownership eMarketing plan will support member profile pages for artisan's sales. This is one way S2S membership may showcase talent and creativity. Another artisan market might develop through S2S negotiating consignment productIon orders. Name branding "Made In America by U.S. Veterans"

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  Our S2S training curriculum will enable our DAV with cognitive and physical therapy supports to assist their trades training and skills mastery. Maker Vet shops will provide personally unique opportunities for DAV to engage in our programs. By assisting their engineering interests, CAD team structured prototype designs may be developed for S.T.E.M. classroom education. To provide these many supports your sponsorship of tools and machines will assist developing these S2S programs. Vets may qualify for VA G.I. Bill training wages while attending accredited college apprenticeship trades training.

  College classroom CAD may directly support next training on CNC machines as S2S employee training. 501C19 goals include, creating a new generation of wooden S.T.E.M. assembly designs. These introductions will focus on our elementary S.T.E.M. school classrooms. Teachers, administrators, and parents will be our valued cohorts towards introducing these next creative developments.

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